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The Beauty in Salvaged Cobbles and Granite Kerbs

Spring and summer in Ireland are seasons of renewal and vibrant growth. So this makes it the perfect time to breathe new life into your outdoor space. To reinvigorate an existing area in a cost effective way, why not try incorporating salvaged cobbles and reclaimed granite kerbs into your design. These materials instantly add a touch of timeless elegance, with the intrinsic benefit of being a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for any project. The range of uses of these durable, long lasting and reusable stone materials is wide and varied. By integrating salvaged cobbles and kerbs, you will instantly add a fresh, interesting and calm feel to your outdoor scheme.

You will see below an example of a beautiful Irish home that used our reclaimed Dublin street cobble and salvaged granite kerbs. Dark Dublin limestone street cobbles were laid in curved rows on both of the sides of the entrance with a band across the mouth of the driveway. This is finished between the two exquisite handmade reclaimed piers. They are set off by a light pointing material and shows off each cobble perfectly. This also demonstrates that not every area needs to be completely cobbled, that infill areas can be tarmac, pebble or otherwise. As a contrast in colour and material, Wicklow salvaged granite kerbing was used. These are at least 150 years old and here they are with a fresh lease of life. The colour contrast to the cobble makes each element pop and is a perfect exercise in colour balance. In order to soften all of this, the client has expertly planted the borders with lots of height differentiated plants and lots of movement in these. Also of note is the salvaged brick wall in the background which is a beautiful frame to the planting, piers, cobble and kerbs. A gorgeous job executed brilliantly, with plenty of time and consideration given to each and every element.

At we are continuously sourcing reclaimed cobbles and salvaged kerbs to bring to trade and retail markets. Photographs are always available on request and more can be viewed on our Gallery page. If you need a match to your current work or ideas for your proposed build, just send us a picture and we will gladly send you options to best suit your project. All of our reclaimed building stone is cleaned and available in many styles and quantity options.

At we will deliver nationally and in quick time. Michael is contactable on 0868097690 for information on reclaimed kerbs or about our large range of salvaged building stone and stonemasonry building options.