Summer Spotlight on Reclaimed Kerbs

Lots of customers are huge fans of our salvaged stone kerbs. The versatility and calibre of kerbs means they can be used in so many applications and types of property.  Without a doubt, kerbs will add instant class and subtle sophistication to any project or design. Alongside their uniqueness, there are so many benefits to using reclaimed kerbs.

Environmentally friendly: reclaimed kerbs are an eco-friendly choice as they will reduce the need for new natural stone to be quarried. This is helping to conserve natural resources and reduce carbon emissions associated with new material extraction.

Durable and long lasting: stone is a very hard wearing and durable material that has the ability to withstand heavy traffic, weathering and daily wear and tear. Reclaimed stones have already withstood years of use and have proven to stand the test of time. This only adds to the attractiveness of using this beautifully aged material.

Unique character and aesthetic appeal: reclaimed stone kerbs come with unique characteristics and histories making them a great choice for projects where property owners desire a more authentic look. 

Cost effective: salvaged natural stone is often less expensive than newly quarried stone, making it a more cost effective option for kerbing projects.

Low maintenance: Stone is easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep it looking great for decades.

At we are continuously sourcing salvaged kerbs to bring to trade and retail markets. Photographs are always available on request and more can be viewed on our Gallery page. If you need a match to your current work or ideas for your proposed build, just send us a picture and we will gladly send you options to best suit your project. All of our reclaimed kerbing is cleaned and available in many styles and quanitity options.

At we will deliver nationally and in quick time. Michael is contactable on 0868097690 for information on reclaimed kerbs or about our large range of salvaged building stone and stonemasonry building options.